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How do I find out more about your services?

To find out more about the range of support services we can provide, please contact us, either by letter, by telephone (01827 715537) or by email ( with any questions you may have. Alternatively, we will be very happy to arrange for a representative to visit you to discuss your requirements more fully, with no obligation.

Can I choose the times when I would like a Support Worker to visit me?

Certainly, this would be discussed and agreed with you along with any other preferences you may have, prior to the commencement of your support.

Will I have regular staff visiting me?

Yes, depending on the complexity and size of your support package, you will have a small team of regularly allocated staff supporting you. We ensure that your regular Community Support Workers are shadowed by others from the small team of staff, who will know how you want your calls to be delivered along with your likes and preferences. They will then be able to attend your calls if your regular staff member is on leave.

Will my family still be involved in my support?

We understand that the input received from Customers’ families can be very important to them and this very much forms part of the relationship we have with you. We encourage family involvement in your support, if that is your choice and wish.

Will you be able to meet my needs?

Mobile Care Services Ltd supports people from a wide variety of backgrounds and with a range of support needs. When you make your initial enquiry to us, we will ask you about your required support. We will then arrange for a representative to visit you to discuss your needs further, along with your preferences and your desired outcomes to ensure that these are taken into account when planning and developing your support plan with you. If you require assistance with something that we cannot help you with, for example, dressing open wounds, we will refer you to the relevant person / organisation – in this case to the Community-Based Nursing Teams.

What happens if my condition or my circumstances change?

We understand that our Customers’ circumstances may change and we will work with you, if and when this happens. If your health changes – either improves or deteriorates – we will reassess your support needs together and amend the support package as required.

How do I pay for my service?

Depending on your needs, you may be eligible for some financial assistance towards the cost of your support package from Social Services. If you are not eligible for Social Services’ funding you can pay for your service either using benefits such as the Attendance Allowance, or privately. If you require clarification on eligibility for funding, please contact your local Social Services Office and they will be able to provide you with further clarification.

For further information please see our page on Funding Your Support Services.

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