Funding Your Support Services

There are a number of ways in which our services can be funded:

1. Assistance from Local Authority Social Services Funding

Depending on each person’s individual circumstances, they may be entitled to some financial assistance from their Local Authority Health & Social Care Services towards the cost of their care and support. An assessment is carried out by a Social Worker to determine if the person is eligible for financial support from their Local Authority towards the cost of their care. The person may also be required to make a financial contribution to Social Services towards the cost of this support, depending on their personal circumstances.

If they are eligible for financial support from their Local Authority, then the person will have a number of options available as to how they access and use this funding towards the cost of their care.

Social Services can arrange the support on the person’s behalf with a domiciliary service provider such as Mobile Care Services Ltd, and Social Services pay the service provider directly for the services they deliver to that person. The customer may be required to make a contribution to their local authority, depending on their circumstances.

2. Continuing Health Care Funding

Some people with complex support needs which include significant health care needs, may qualify for funding from their local Health Authority. To qualify for Continuing Health Care funding, the person must meet certain criteria, and this is usually jointly assessed by a Social Worker/Health Care Professional.

3. Private Funding

Some Customers using our services fund their care and support package privately, and we invoice them (or their nominated representative) on a four weekly basis for the support they receive. This support may be in the form of direct personal support, or it may be in the form of companionship to enable the Customer to pursue activities, interests and hobbies.

In addition many people in need of support with personal care qualify for Attendence Allowance. Depending on their support needs this may be at the lower or higher rate. This benefit is not currently means tested, and can be used towards the cost of the support required. Further information can be gained from the Social Worker, Age UK or the Citizens Advice Bureau or on the website.

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