Customer Testimonials

We are continually reminded of the importance to the Customer and their families of the work which Mobile Care Services Ltd carries out, by the letters of thanks and appreciation received from both our Customers and their family members. Below are some messages recently received by our Company, for which we sincerely thank the authors. It is/was a privilege and a pleasure to have been invited to support their family member, and their feedback, which is highly valued, drives our service to ensure that their experience is shared by all of our Customers:

“The care that my father received was fantastic, and his worry of being a nuisance, or the issue of being embarrassed was never mentioned again after the teams started coming to visit. They were very professional in their care of him and he was so at ease with them that he saw them as friends visiting. The staff are a credit to the company and they were all well liked and appreciated by both my father and his family. The dignity standards that were set out from the start were met and surpassed with willingness by the staff, who obviously do not see this as just a job.”

Mrs C (Daughter)

“Mum talked of you all [MCS Ltd Staff] with such affection, as many days the Carers were the only people she saw and although we were in constant contact via telephone; your visits were the highlights of her day. I know many say that it is just a job, but the compassion that the people involved with Mum imparted, was way beyond the expected duties. You were one of her lifelines and she was so appreciative of the care given.”

Mrs F (Daughter)

“The family would like to send you its heartfelt thanks for the constant kindness and consideration you have shown to Dad over the past few months. He was always pleased to see all of you and always had a smile for everyone. Also, the kindness and support you have given to me, I feel I know you all very well. I always knew that at breakfast, lunch, tea and supper, your kind and welcoming faces would appear at his door. You always treat him with the utmost dignity and kindness and for that I will always be very grateful.”

Mrs H (Daughter)

“We wish to thank you for the standard and quality of care you gave to our father. This was coupled with both kindness and concern which we always appreciated. Dad always spoke very highly of all of the staff who came out to him. It made a real difference to us all, knowing that his home was always kept clean and tidy, his washing ironed, and that a friendly carer was taking an interest in him. We expect that this might have included listening to all his many army tales! Please pass on our sincerest thanks to all who knew Dad, and provided a service which enabled him to stay in his own home.”

Mrs T (Daughter)

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