Practical Support

Mobile Care Services Limited provides many of its customers with practical services. These include:
  • Domestic cleaning / ironing
  • Assisting people with lighting and maintaining coal fires
  • Assisting people to manage their incoming and outgoing correspondence including e-mails using our laptop computers
  • Shopping – either by accompanying people to the shops and helping them with their purchases, taking a list and doing the shopping on the persons behalf or by assisting with internet shopping at the customers home using our laptop computers
  • For those who enjoy non-grocery shopping, arranging an away day with the customer to browse and window shop
  • Meal preparation from raw ingredients including assisting people to gain/regain cooking skills
  • Laundry assistance either at your home or at a launderette
  • Assisting people to manage their personal budgets including bill payments
  • Accompanying people to appointments such as hospital, GP, chiropodist, dental, hairdressers etc

This is not an exhaustive list, but an example of the range of practical services we can provide.

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