Accessing the Community

Keeping Active and Involved in the Community

Our interests, hobbies and preferred pastimes are unique to each of us as individuals. Many of us have options in how we spend our free time, and base our choices on things that give us pleasure and satisfaction. Being able to go for a walk, take in the air and see new sights can be very therapeutic and relaxing. Having lunch out with friends, where we can have a good chat, have different choices of food, and be in different surroundings can be an extremely enjoyable experience. Visiting the garden centre in the spring, buying bedding plants and arranging them in tubs can give not only pleasure at the time, but also months of pleasure enjoying the resulting colour in the garden throughout the summer months. Enjoyable participation in hobbies and activities, in turn leads to feelings of contentment, fulfilment and improved physical and emotional well-being.

Mobile Care Services Ltd believe that it is important for people to have the opportunity to be as active and involved in their community as they would like to. This could be anything from cooking at home for oneself or one’s family members, doing some gardening, going out for a walk, going shopping or attending regular clubs or social events.

For some people, these daily activities are only accessible and possible with the assistance of others, and if assistance is not easily available, resulting in exclusion from enjoyable activities and pastimes, this can lead to feelings of loneliness, social isolation and depressed mood.

Mobile Care Services Ltd provides an access service that enables Customers to participate in activities both within and outside the home that they would find difficult or impossible without such support.

Some of the diverse activities we regularly support Customers with include:
  • Attending Luncheon Clubs
  • Support to go Fishing
  • Theatre and Cinema Outings
  • Bingo / Whist / Bridge Drives
  • Visiting Garden Centres and assisting with planting
  • Preparation of meals from raw ingredients
  • Attending College
  • Shopping
  • Going out for Lunch/Dinner
  • Support to use portable computers to access the Internet/Emails etc

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